"Come on, Y/N! Get in," Mike shouted over to me. We were at Jaime’s having a mini pool party with Pierce The Veil and All Time Low while they were on a small break off of tour. Everyone was in the pool except for me. I couldn’t really swim but I didn’t want any of them to know that. So I just told them that I wasn’t feeling well and that was why I wasn’t getting in, but they weren’t really buying that excuse. "I’m going to go check on the food," Jaime said, while getting out of the pool. He jogged into the house. I remained sitting in the chair I was in. By now everyone was yelling at me to get in. The only one that wasn’t was Tony. He was telling everyone to not try to pressure me into getting into the pool. "Could someone come and help me with the food?" Jaime yelled from the kitchen. I went to get up, but Jack was already out of the pool. "Sit back down. I’ll help him," He said while walking past my chair, lightly pushing me back down. I went back to watching the others swimming. A couple of minutes later, I heard plates hit the table, I went to get up to get food. Before I could turn around, I felt two arms hook my arms. Knowing it was Jaime and Jack, I yelled at both to put me down. They let go of my arms and I was falling I to the water. I tried to stay up on the surface but no matter how much thrashing I did I couldn’t stay up. I could hear Tony and Vic yelling at Jaime and Jack for throwing me in. Suddenly, I heard a loud splash. Oh wait, that was just me trying to stay up. I went under. More panicking. I felt two arms wrap around me and pull me up. I couldn’t open my eyes. I still felt like I was under the water. When I could open my eyes, I saw that we were getting closer to the stairs that led out of the pool. I looked at who the person was. It was Tony. He picked me up bridal style to make it easier. As he carried me to the house, he pushed both Jaime and Jack into the pool. Tony carried me to the living room and put me onto the couch. I was shivering really badly so Tony got up and got me a towel. He came back and wrapped it around me. "I’m sorry for what they did. They shouldn’t have done that. I could’ve killed them. They were laughing when they threw you but when you started drown-" I had leaned over and kissed him. He started kissing back quickly and, it’s pretty cliché that I’m saying this but, our lips moved perfectly together. He pulled away suddenly and immediately started talking, "Y/N, I have liked you for awhile now and I want you to give me a chance and be my girlfriend." I had started nodding when he said "I have liked you." I laughed out the word yes. He smiled at me and pulled me in for another kiss.